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Educational quality

We reaffirm that education is a public good, a fundamental human right and the basis to guarantee the realization of other rights. It is essential for peace, tolerance, human fulfillment and sustainable development (2030 Framework for Action – UNESCO)

We are committed to quality education and improvement of learning outcomes, for which we provide comprehensive support to public institutions in order to strengthen processes, evaluation of results and mechanisms to measure progress.

We ensure and propose actions so that teachers and educators are empowered, professionally qualified, motivated and supported.

We promote innovation and incorporation of technologies for both teachers and teaching-learning processes in order to take advantage of information and communication technologies (ICT) to strengthen education systems, dissemination of knowledge, access to information, effective and quality learning, and a more efficient service provision.

Alda Educa Project

Alda Educa is a project that has been implemented in Paraguay since 2004. It is carried out in the field of formal education through a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science (MEC).

The project is a comprehensive socio-educational intervention strategy that contributes to the achievement of educational quality in public institutions.

The period of intervention in each center is of 4 years, in which teachers, principals and parents’ associations are helped in a personalized way to come up with a participative and integrating Institutional Educational Project that reflects the social reality of their own community.

Alda Educa seeks:

  • To improve the quality of basic education through the systematic training of the center’s teachers, principals and the whole educational team.
  • To provide schools with adequate teaching materials for the use of teachers and students.
  • To elaborate an Institutional Educational Project that promotes -in a coordinated way- the participation of all the actors that intervene in the school.
  • To promote a comprehensive socio-educational intervention aimed at community development, in which the school is the starting point.

We are members of:

Federació Catalana d'ong per al desenvolupament
Asociación Española de Fundaciones
Frente por la niñez