aboutour history

Who we are

We are an organization that works in Paraguay since 2003, contributing to improve educational quality and promoting the development of vulnerable communities, considering childhood as the core of our work.

Our Mission

We effectively contribute to improve the quality of education and the life quality of children, young people and communities.


We believe that quality education will generate greater opportunities to improve the present and future life of children and communities, moving towards social justice.


Our Team

We exist to promote changes in people’s lives! The proper functioning of the foundation depends mainly on the people that make up its human team.

By recognizing and respecting local needs and capacities, we are convinced that results require the collective effort and the capacity of relationship among all the people that make up the organization and its interest groups.

The work teams are multidisciplinary and flexible to adapt quickly to the institutional priorities at all times. In addition to having key competencies of technical knowledge, the members have others such as teamwork, results orientation, flexibility and proactivity.

The team is oriented to the generation of results. Therefore, the development of this competency is sought and promoted as part of the talent management process. The planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning process is designed around this concept. Work methodologies are incorporated, communicated and reported back with the focus on the results generated.

Fundación Alda Board of Trustees

Fundación Alda Paraguay Board of Directors


We educate to transform!

Fundación Alda Paraguay began its activities in 2003 and was recognized by the Executive Branch of Paraguay in 2006. Initially, Fundación Alda Paraguay supported work in the field of education and childhood. The founders of Alda spoke with national referents to identify the areas that needed more support, and all of them agreed that promoting educational quality would be a great contribution for the country.

In order to carry out this task better, effots were made to coordinate with the Ministry of Education and Science. Since then, an inter-institutional cooperation agreement has been signed and ratified uninterruptedly until today.

The works began with 6 public schools of Luque integrated into the Alda Educa Project.

The foundation has an Advisory Board made up of high-level professionals and academics, and with vast experience in the field of education. It holds meetings five times a year to design and set the pedagogical and socio-educational lines of the Alda projects. These meetings are a space for reflection and exchange of opinions for optimal follow-up and advice on current and future projects


» Quality and excellence in services and proposals.

» Perseverance in efforts to build tools, knowledge and work with the various groups participating in projects.

» Equity that allows us to assess existing differences and offer equivalent treatment to overcome social inequality.

» Honesty and transparency in management and relationships.

» Respect in the relationships with all the people that participate in the projects, funders, partners and Alda team.

» Co-responsibility of the team, partners, and beneficiaries.

» Innovation in actions and management of experiences as well as the provision of services.

We are members of:

Federació Catalana d'ong per al desenvolupament
Asociación Española de Fundaciones
Frente por la niñez