Taiwanese sponsor visits teenager she has been supporting!

Taiwanese sponsor visits teenager she has been supporting!

In August, we had the delightful visit from Miss Jiang, Ronald’s sponsor. Ronald is a child who is part of the Sponsorship System carried out within the framework of the Limpio Sur Program, thanks to the partnership of the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC), Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) and Fundación Alda.

Miss Jiang is Taiwanese but she currently lives and works as an translator in Japan. As a promise made in one of the many exchanged letters, Miss Jiang traveled halfway across the world to arrive in Paraguay and meet Ronald, teenager whom she sponsors since 2012.

The meeting between Miss Jiang, Ronald and his family was very touching since they could finally give voice to all the letters written throughout the years. Ronald’s mother expressed her joy and gratitude to Miss Jiang since thanks to the support received, her son has more and better opportunities.

Following the gift exchange, the teenager brought his sponsor up to date: He told her that he does very well at school, that he practices soccer every morning in order to be a professional soccer player. Also, he talked about his dreams and challenges to overcome in order to realize them.

Encouraged by his mother, Ronald showed her photos from the time when he started in the Sponsorship program and the different accomplishments in his life. This allowed Miss Jiang to make sense of the positive impact her contribution has for this teenager’s growth and development.

A meaningful moment for both was the tour around the different places where activities are carried out within the framework of the Limpio Sur Program and which are supported thanks to the contributions of people like Miss Jiang.

They visited the sewing workshop made up by the beneficiaries of the Dressmaking courses conducted in partnership with the SNPP. Afterwards, they had the chance to meet with the women who make up the Caja de Ahorro “Saving Account”.

The final stop was a Community Service Center, where entertaining and recreational activities for children were being developed within the context of the activities of the Limpio Sur program.

The farewell was as touching as all the time shared by Ronald and Miss Jiang. They both promised to be in touch through letters as they have been doing it for 7 years. She encouraged him to keep studying and training so that he can enjoy a future full of opportunities.

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