August 2019 Activity Newsletter

August 2019 Activity Newsletter

An overview of the activities carried out in August

Joven Adelante Project

From a human rights perspective, we learn to protect ourselves.
Young people from the Joven Adelante Project acquired knowledge and developed skills in order to prevent bullying and apply strategies of intervention in harassment.
The young people’s openess to express their ideas, encourages us to keep proposing actions that promote the community empowerment and leadership.

Limpio Sur Program

The exercise of the rights of children is possible in empowered communities
“I want to be healthy and happy” was the name of the sport activities season that invited 300 children that are part of the Network of Schools of the Limpio Sur Program.
Along with the whole educational community, the children enjoyed playing sports and developed social skills such as participation, understanding, respect for others and the compliance of rules.

Paraguay Okakuaa Project

Families protecting happy children
700 families of the districts where the project Paraguay Okakuaa is carried out were asked about the achievements of the children that attended the Spaces for Growth (SfG).
The families shared their satisfaction about the opportunities that their children have to grow in safe environments.

This project is funded by the United States Department of Labor by means of the cooperative agreement number IL-28094-1575-K-11IL. The total cost of the project is funded 100% with federal funds, totalling $ 6.683.557,87.

Alda Educa Project

Quality education in communities committed with their children’s learning process.
The School Cooperating Asociations (ACE) of the schools of the Central department participating of the Alda Educa project held a meeting.
Its objective was that the participants acquire the necessary tools to organize and plan their activities according to the institutional priorities, and thus , families can actively participate in their children’s education.

Project My school, my community, my life: protected and free from violence

“My school, my community, my life: protected and free from violence” received the visit from Faces2Hearts vloggers, an initiative of communication and awareness from the European Union .
Sonja from Croatia and Diego from Paraguay, toured with their cameras, communities in Limpio where the project is implemented focusing on the prevention of violence and the promotion of the rights of girls and women from vulnerable communities through the schools.
They had the opportunity to capture the testimony of the protagonists of the process: girls and boys who have been trained as “Agentes lila”, thier teachers and principals, and observe and share the workshops held by the school agents to train their peers on promotion, prevention and monitoring.

Community Service Center Project- Guarambaré

Great celebration on occasion of the Children’s Day
With lots of color, bustle, smiles and recreational and play activities, the Children’s Day was celebrated at the Community Service Center (CSC) in Guarambaré .
Thanks to the joint work of the community members and companies that made their contributions, our children could have a wonderful party.

Project Bike Love and Fundación Alda transforming lives

Communities of Limpio where the Limpio Sur program is implemented received Project Bike Love and experienced a party on wheels.
Thanks to the partnership between Fundación Alda and Project Bike Love -organization whose mission is to contribute to the empowerment and autonomy of people and vulnerable communities – 25 bicycles were donated. These are destined to have a positive impact in the lives of children, teeanagers and adults from the city of Limpio.
For these, shortening daily distances to go to their schools and places of work, or sell their products in a safe and autonomous way, it means to shorten the distance that separates them from their dreams and transforming their lives and their communities’.

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