Launch of the #Opalaviolencia campaign

Launch of the #Opalaviolencia campaign

Each act of mistreatment is a punch! That’s the reason we all want to say #Opalaviolencia – Put an end to violence. On September 25th, the launch ceremony of the #Opalaviolencia campaign took place within the framework of the project “My school, my community, my life: protected and free form violence” with the support of the European Union.

This campaign which aims at raising awareness and eradicating violence against girls and women had His Excellency Paolo Berizzi, European Union Ambassador to Paraguay; Her Excellency Nilda Romero, Minister for Women; Her Excellency Teresa Martínez, Minister of Childhood and Adolescence and Mr. Alex Loza, Vicepresident of Fundación Alda as special guests. In addition, local authorities, civil society organization representatives and the press were present.

Mrs. Lucía Paulo, Executive Director of Fundación Alda contextualized the reality that encouraged us to carry out this campaign: the rates of reports and records of femicides provided by official sources and the imperative need to eradicate the different forms of abuse towards girls and women. From the introduction to the campaign theme to the projection of the videos that make content to it, the message transmitted to those present was clear and powerful: “If we see acts of violence, we must report them, because each act of mistreatment is a punch and each punch … may be the last one.

Afterwards, magician Nizugan Junior performed an artistic representation which encouraged us to reflect on violence and how it may be present even in toys for kids. With his magic, he made the audience understand that we are all responsible of preventing and reporting any type of aggression towards girls and women. Finally, the authorities mentioned above reaffirmed their commitment to work to protect, foster and promote rights that allow a peaceful life, a culture of respect and a healthy coexistance in schools and communities.

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