Raices Real Estate visits schools in Altos

Raices Real Estate visits schools in Altos

Since 2014 Raíces Real Estate supports the assistance to educational communities from Altos by means of the implementation of the Alda Educa Project.

In order to know about the daily experiences and directly share the concerns, challenges and achievements of the different actors of the educational community, executives of Raíces Real Estate participated in a series of visits to the schools that are part of the project.

Organized in retinues, visitors accompanied the development of the Institutional Management Team (EGIE) meetings that each school has. The variety of topics addressed during these meetings allowed them to understand the impact that the work carried out together with Fundación Alda’s technical team has on the life of each person in the educational community, thanks to their contribution.

The principals talked about the personalized support they permanently receive from Alda’s facilitators and how they are fostering communication and enrichment spaces that motivates them in the development of their management capacities.

Teachers, meanwhile, explained the importance of continuous teacher training to develop and implement new classroom teaching strategies, and how children enjoy the activities and achieve meaningful learning.

Parents shared as a very positive experience their supporting the teaching work in their different instances. In one of the schools, a mother told them with enthusiasm the process of developing teaching resources with recycled materials, which are used for learning Mathematics and Literacy in a playful, dynamic and motivating way.

At the end of each meeting, the visitors thanked the actors for sharing experiences and reaffirmed the social commitment that Raíces Real Estate has with quality education, ensuring continuity of accompaniment to the communities in partnership with Fundación Alda.

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