October 2019 Activity Newsletter

October 2019 Activity Newsletter

An overview of the activities in October

Renewal of the Framework Agreement MINNA (Ministry of Childhood and Adolescence) – Fundación Alda

The Ministry of Childhood and Adolescence (MINNA) and Fundación Alda renewed the framework agreement of interinstitutional cooperation established in 2006.

It was signed by the Minister y Childhood and Adolescence, Teresa Martínez and Alejandro Loza, Vice-president of Fundación Alda.

The signing of the agreement was attended by the Vice-minister of Planning, Programs and Projects, Walter Gutiérrez; Bernarda Casco, Director of Reduction and Risk Management of the Ministry of Childhood and Adolescence; and Lucía Paulo, Executive Director of Fundación Alda.

Working in a coordinated way with the governing body of the access to the rights of paraguayan children, guarantees the continuity and strengthening of plans, projects and joint actions in favor of the children and adolescents of the country.

The #MareaAzul is coming soon!

We accompanied the launch of the seventh edition of the Marea Azul Run organized by BBVA Paraguay, which will take place on November 24th in Asunción.

It is an annual solidarity event which has as goal, among others, to support actions by Fundación Alda, in favor of quality education for children and young people in vulnerable situations.

Thank you very much BBVA for offering the general public the opportunity to collaborate with a good cause while enjoying a great sports event for all the family.

#Opalaviolencia campaign activities

Opa la violencia (Put an end to violence) is working to contribute to the elimination of violence that daily affects so many girls and women.

During October, we were present in the cities of Limpio, Villeta and Guarambaré, making the campaign public through a magic show and projection of videos that are part of it. In this way, we invited citizens to foster relationships based on respect, proper treatment and healthy coexistence, thus eliminating violence towards girls and women.

Opa la violencia is a campaign by Fundación Alda, with the support of the European Union in Paraguay and the endorsement of the Ministry of Childhood and Adolescence and the Ministry for Women .

Sharing good experiences

Within the framework of the project “Workshop on Healthy Development in Environments Free from Violence”, Fundación Alda participated in the conference “The different early childhoods” as an implementing partner of the campaign “Toys for the whole life” by UNICEF. The activity took place at the Universidad Nacional de Itapúa.

In this opportunity, the development of the project implemented between 2018 and 2019 was revealed. This project had as an aim to raise awareness about the importance of early stimulation and quality time shared with children aged 0 to 3, for the proper development of all their abilities.

Visit from Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch, a renowned non-governmental organization promoter and advocate of human rights and social justice throughout the world, visited Fundación Alda. The committee was constituted by the Director of the Americas Division Dr. José Miguel Vivanco, Kimberly Marteau Emerson and Siri Anne Stolt-Nielsen.

After learning about our different lines of action, they visited a community in Limpio in order to share the Alda experience from the perspective of its protagonists: the people who embrace and support our initiatives.

We thank the committee for their interest in learning about the work Alda performs in order to contribute to improve the educational quality and promote the development of vulnerable communities.

Weaving Socio-educational Networks

The 12th edition of Weaving Socio-educational Networks was held. It is an annual meeting of schools beneficiaries of the projects and programs by Fundación Alda, focused on the exchange of successful socio-educational practices which have improved educational quality and community development and can be replicated in other communities and areas.

It was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) and different educational communities of the departments of Central and Cordillera.

Thank you very much Raíces Real Estate and Grupo Barcelona for supporting an event that shares the results of teamwork and renews the commitment to offer beter opportunities for children and young people of our country by means of quality education.

InnovaEduca Awards

Within the framework of the meeting Weaving Socio-educational Networks, the InnovaEduca Awards took place. These awards aim at promoting and spreading good practices which generate innovative changes in the teaching-learning process.

The winners of the 3rd edition were:

  • Basic School N° 7.591 Pabla Ferreira, Management Leadership area, with the experience “Management and improvement in learning”.
  • Basic School N° 721 Alejo García, classroom Practices area, with the experience “Learning by reading”.
  • Basic School N° 5.633 Santa Rosa, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) area, with the experience con la experiencia “Use of the ICT in the learning process”.
  • Basic School N° 5.998 Don Antonio Fanego, School and Community area, with the experience “Schools as places for meetings”.

Thank you very much BBVA Paraguay and A Fuego Lento, companies committed to education, which once again made this recognition possible, promoting educational quality; and the schools who participated, for their effort and commitment to Paraguayan children.

We are members of:

Federació Catalana d'ong per al desenvolupament
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