November 2019 Activity Newsletter

November 2019 Activity Newsletter

An overview of the activities in November

#Opalaviolencia Campaign

We keep spreading the OPA la violencia (Put an end to violence) campaign’s so that more and more people join the commitment to end all forms of violence towards girls and women as well as to promote communities where they can live free and protected from any kind of infringement.

We were received in Villa Elisa and the Costanera in Asunción with great expectations and enthusiasm. Children and adults enjoyed a magic show, games, video projections and theme corners.

Besides, we were present in the show prior to “Super Clásico” soccer match thanks to the Paraguayan Football Asociation, who kindly gave us space to raise our voice and say “Opa la Violencia” along with all fans of both clubs.

OPA la violencia is a campaign by Fundación Alda, with the support of the European Union in Paraguay, and the endorsement of the Ministry of Childhood and Adolescence and the Ministry for Women.

Visit from Catalan education specialists: Joan Bonals and Lluisa Coma

We received the visit from Joan Bonals, who holds a Master’s degree in Psichopedagogical Intervention, is an author of books on learning and a current memeber Fundación Alda Advisory Team, and Lluisa Coma, who both offered us three intensive formation and training days.

These were aimed at the foundation’s technical team, supervisors of the Ministry of Education and Sciencie (MES) and principals of schools who are part of our projects.

At the end of the visit, our friends expressed their joy to see how Fundación Alda keeps generating greater opportunities to improve the current and future lives of children, young people, and communities.

Puppets show on rights in Guarambaré

Children who are part of the projects carried out by Fundación Alda in Guarambaré enjoyed a puppet show whose theme was the promotion of children’s rights.

The event was held within the framework of the activities by the European Union in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It was attended by His Excellency Mr. Paolo Berizzi, European Union Ambassador in Paraguay and local representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science as well as the Secretariat for Women in Guarambaré.

The puppet theater company Kunuu Títeres staged their play: “The rights’ chest” and with it children learned and reflected on the issue in a fun way.

Moreover, girls from schools target of the project “My school, my community, my life: protected and freen from violence”, joined he celebration with a representation on the prevention and attention in cases of violence.

Marea Azul

With great joy, we accompanied the production of the Marea Azul run organized by the BBVA as a support of the activities by Fundación Alda in favor of quality education of children and young people.

On its 7th edition, the run took place on November 24th, inviting clients and staff, family members, friends and general public, to run for a good cause and enjoy a sports event.

Thank you, BBVA for supporting our actions which aim at providing greater and better opportunities to childen and young people of vulnerable communities.

Workshop on filming short movies with smart phones ends with a contest on social media.

Within the framework of the project “Present! Childhood and Youth participating in the change”, iniciative by Fundación Alda with the support of the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC), young people of the city of Limpio ended a workshop on short movies made with smart phones. During the workshop, teenagers developed knowledege and techniques that resulted in 3 short movies: “Menos tech más fut”, “Topa ky´a” and “Buscando un cambio”.

As a way to end the training session, a contest was organized in social media in which the public had the chance to vote for their favorite short movie.

All of this represented a great opportunity for the young participants supported by instructor Sofía Paoli Thorné to develop their capacities of reflection, expression and participation as protagonists of social change.

Anticipated Christmas with children from the CSC

Once again, members of the Community Service Center in Guarambaré felt the affection and support from our friends from Fundación MAPFRE.

Fundación MAPFRE provides support to the needs of healthy nutrition of children and young people who attend the CSC. Within the framework of this partnership, as every year, volunteers from MAPFRE visited the Center and hosted a beautiful party, which children and young members of the project could enjoy.

Thank you very much Fundación MAPFRE and volunteers for working hard on the celebration and filling it with fun and joy from beginning to end.

Raíces Real Estate visits Joven Adelante project

With great enthusiasm, members os the Joven Adelante project welcomed the retinue made up of Raíces Real Estate’s management staff. They had the opportunity to share what the foundation’s support means in their lives.

The meeting took place on November 28th at the Basic School N° 5633 Santa Rosa de Limpio. Visitors observed the pedagogical sessions of the teenagers who are in high school and university.

The visit was very meaningful for all of them. The young members shared experiences, reached objectives and future projections; and were encouraged by the friends from Raíces Real Estate, who encouraged them to study with enthusiasm and take the most of the opportunities offered by Fundación Alda.

Thank you, Raíces Real Estate for your constant support!

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