Presentation of the progress of the Love of Reading Project

Presentation of the progress of the Love of Reading Project

“Love of Reading”, an initiative of UNICEF Paraguay along with the Ministry of Education and Science and implemented by Fundación Alda seeks, through various strategies, the development of literacy skills from a young age, promoting the preparation of cognitive abilities so that in the future children learn to read and write easily, beginning from the first months of life up to 5 years old.

The project is carried out in the departments of Caazapá and Central. In the sixth departament, the project is implemented in the districts of Caazapá and San Juan Nepomuceno while in Central, it is developed in the districts of Limpio, Fernando de la Mora and Villa Elisa.

Project progress in Caazapá.

Progress made within the implementation of the project Love of Reading was presented in the mentioned department on Tuesday, February 18, at 11:00 am.

The event took place at the Dirección Departamental de Supervisiones (Departamental Directorate of Supervisions) of the city of Caazapá, prior to the signing of a “Memorandum of Interinstitutional Understanding” among UNICEF Paraguay, the Municipality of Caazapá and the Municipality of San Juan Nepomuceno, strategic partners in the implementation and promotion of this initiative in the department.

With the signing of this document, community leaders renewed their commitment to the project, and the principals of Teaching Training Institutes of Caazapá and San Juan Nepomuceno, received from referents of Fundación Alda kits to be implemented in teaching training activities for stimulation through stories as well as material to carry out Storytelling events.

"Love of Reading" brought tales and stories to Caazapá

On the occasion of the signing of the commitment document among the municipalities which implement the project and UNICEF Paraguay, a Storytelling day took place. It was attended by children from the communities and neighboring areas, who were invited to take delight in reading stories and discovering books.

The activity allowed authorities and guests to understand the importance of stimulating children between 0 and 5 years old around reading and the enormous need for stimulation from the first days of life, opening doors for the following stages within formal education.


This is one more innovative strategy which Fundación Alda joins to as a way to contribute to the construction of equitable, fair, and committed communities that provide children with real development opportunities.

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