Hands and voices that teach us to reinvent ourselves and keep on working

Hands and voices that teach us to reinvent ourselves and keep on working

These two months since the beginning of the quarantine in our country have been quite intense: every second was worth 10 and each experience was multiplied 1000 times. It’s been a great time of learning, not necessarily from the official curriculum, but from the founding values of our education and our country: solidarity, work, creativity and resilience.

We see the health care staff on the front line doing their best to deal with the situation, teachers working day and night to implement new methodologies to continue with distance learning, entrepreneurs generating new strategies and work formats, citizens promoting solidarity initiatives to support those who suffer the most in this crisis.

The crisis has hit all dimensions of life hard, bringing out positive values and generating new challenges. Along with the health emergency, COVID 19 has had an impact on other aspects of life, such as socio-educational, economic and cultural, affecting vulnerable communities mainly.

The closure of schools has left thousands of children without their safe and protective place, 70,000 workers have lost their jobs, several companies are in crisis at risk of bankruptcy, self-employed workers have not been able to mobilize and thus not been able to provide for their families and cases of child and women abuse are have increased in quarantine time.

However, these emerging issues are not new problems. With COVID19 focus has been placed on long-standing socio-educational and economic-social problems, which in this crises have been expressed and placed on public debate, such as the historical debts in public health and education. The national agenda today works around how to alleviate the effects of the crisis, on the one hand, and how to solve the underlying problems, on the other. There is no frame of reference from which we can think of ourselves as humanity in this pandemic. The level of spread of the virus, the measures implemented in the various countries and the level of interconnection and interdependence of our nations set a stage without precedents that challenge us to innovate and reinvent ourselves to find relevant solutions that not only face up to the consequences of the emergency today, but, at the same time we feel the need for social reorganization of the post-pandemic period. In this debate and its subsequent direction, communities have a great deal to teach us.

This time of emergency has been a time of resilience and reinvention in the communities, generating innovative and creative experiences that have responded from organized action and in solidarity with the communities to the great challenges faced.

From the ollas populares (organized people who cook in big pans to later distribute food) to feed the neighborhoods, through the support and containment networks for the development of the virtual classes, care tasks and combat to situations of violence, children, adolescents, teachers, families, referents and other community actors have played a leading role in building solutions to emerging problems from work and creativity.

To contribute to this great debate, Fundación Alda’s Socio-Educational Observatory launches the series #Lessonslearned, in which we will present the experiences and projections of hands and voices of the communities, which have much to teach us. The series is made up of 5 weekly episodes with the voice of various actors who will tell us how this moment is faced, highlighting good practices, reflecting on what is learned on this path and projecting the future based on proposals and reflections. We thank you for joining us on this journey.

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