Alda collaborates with I learn at home by UNICEF

Alda collaborates with I learn at home by UNICEF

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) , the Ministry of Childhood and Adolescence (MINNA) , the Multidisciplinary Organization of Support to Teachers and Students (OMAPA) and Fundación Alda presented educational materials designed to give continuity to stimulation and development in early childhood and learning in children from their homes with a playful and participatory approach, in the framework of the health emergency by COVID-19.

The proposal “I learn at home” mainly consists in the creation of contents and materials which support the development of abilities and skills in children of different ages, with the family accompanying the process of learning from home.

Fundación Alda adapts resources from Love of Reading

Providing tools for families with the aim of mitigating the consequences for children generated by social distancing during the health emergency, Fundación Alda offers a series of ideas to keep stimulating and generating early learning opportunities at home by means of promoting interest in reading in young children. These include kits with useful content for the promotion of reading at home, particularly for children aged 0 to 6, which will contribute to ensure continuity to early childhood learning opportunities and early stimulation in the context of the health emergency.

With this inclusive-approach initiative, it is sought to support mothers, fathers and caregivers in the task of dedicating quality time to stimulation activities which facilitate a happy and friendly finding of the learning of reading.

Besides tales in DVD and audio formats to be broadcast from different communication platforms, the series also include tales in video format, tutorials, audios and pictures with recommendatons from experts in early childhood and inclusiveness, considering elements which can be found at home allowing these activities to be accessible.

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