September 2020 Activity Newsletter

September 2020 Activity Newsletter

An overview of our activities in September


Caparazón FM, from the city of Limpio, was the space chosen for the development of radio programs of community interest, in a shared initiative of Fundación Alda and Children Believe.

Through a carefully designed program with Rossana Cano, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, radio spaces were created in order to address issues related to nutrition and healthy habits of children and adolescents in the covid-19 context.

On the other hand, the foundation’s team participated in other radio spaces for the deployment of content linked to the stimulation of language development and creativity in early childhood through stories.

Both actions had a positive response from the audience, mainly from girls, boys and their families who interacted in the programs sending their productions or responding to the activities proposed.


Schools from Villeta, Ypané, San Antonio, Villa Elisa and Guarambare, received books of didactic applications, big story books and storage devices with songs of the series Alda Canta (Alda sings). The materials were delivered as a contribution to the strategies established by the Ministry of Education and Science within the framework of the distance education developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All these materials, created and developed by Fundación Alda, were received by principals of 8 public schools of the cities mentioned above, and are oriented to facilitate the implementation of appropriate methodology for meaningful learning in children of pre-primary school.

With these actions, it is sought to continue supporting teachers and principals of educational communities participating in the Alda Educa Project.


Thanks to the support of Raíces Real Estate, principals of schools of the city of Altos attended a virtual meeting organized to reveal the Opa la violencia cell phone application and website. Both tools were developed with the support of the British Embassy, aiming to offer useful and timely information on prevention and attention in cases of violence towards girls, boys and women.

The school’s authorities participated actively during the meeting, and made a commitment to spread and promote information about these digital resources.


The 2020 challenge to remain close to the educational communities that receive intervention of projects by Fundación Alda, included more elements than ever. Innovation, creativity and team work generated in teachers and principals the necessary confidence for the use of technological tools, strengthening the teaching-learning process in times of pandemic.

To continue supporting teachers and principals of schools which take part in Alda Educa project in the city of Altos, orientation through whatsapp and video calls was implemented. This is to guide the appropriate management of supplies and the efficient use of the materials delivered to the institutions.

The project, implemented with the support of Raíces Real Estate, thus incorporates new modalities allowing them to continue carrying out the training and formation activities according to the educational needs that emerged from the health emergency and with it, distance education.


September, youth month, brought with it the great challenge of holding the traditional Youth Forum, 6th edition, in spite of the conditions imposed by social distancing. This time, the challenge added other countries of the region, thus becoming the First International Youth Forum: “Present! Youth participating in making changes”, Paraguay 2020; with the slogan “Adolescents and young people protagonists of their reality”.

The meeting, held on a virtual platform, had the participation of more than 170 adolescents and young people from the departments of Boquerón, Caaguazú and Central on behalf of Paraguay as well as of programs and projects of the initiatives Entrena SRL from Dominican Republic and youth projects from Nicaragua launched by Children Believe of the same country.

The goal of the forum was to generate a space for listening and exchanging where teens and young people could share their thoughts and knowledge, as well as their experiences and challenges of their environment, in a great regional exchange marked by the Covid-19 pandemic period.

The 1st International Forum and 6th National Youth Forum, were made possible thanks to the joint work between Fundación Alda and Children Believe, whose highest authorities also greeted the latinamerican young participants during the meeting, motivating them to keep making their voices heard.


The International Youth Forum: Present! Youth participating in making changes had as precedent 5 editions of the Youth Forum, held since 2015 within the framework of the youth month in Paraguay.

Year after year, the meeting was consolidated as a space for integration and learning for teenagers and young people, who in this occasion had the opportunity to organize and lead dialogue and debate groups, as protagonists of the present and fundamental actors in the reality of their country carrying out this great virtual meeting successfully.

Since 2019, the logo design displays a hand up recreating the gesture one uses to show one is present. The colors of the desing and the esthetic of the meeting symbolize youth, life and diversity.


The forum provided spaces for reflection and debate around central issues of everyday life of each of the adolescents and young people. Radical changes, triggered by the world crisis and social distancing in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, directly affected aspects of their lives which were discussed during the meeting in three thematic rooms: Education, Socioemotional situation and Prevention of high-risk behavior.

The debate about the mentioned issues among peers from the participating countries exhibited the main similarities in the minds of the young people, as well as the differences in the policies implemented in each region and country. The conversation also revealed the capacity each and every one of them has, the capacity to make their voices heard, to talk about their needs and to take a stand in relation to decisions which affect their reality.


With the valuable presentation and entertainment of talented young people from Paraguay, the 1st International Youth Forum: Present! Youth participating in making changes exhibited the aptitude and encouragement of adolescents and young participants of programs and projects by Fundación Alda.

Teenagers and young people as organizers and facilitators demonstrated their capacity and commitment towards their peers, leading spaces for interaction, providing information in various formats, presenting debates and to giving the floor to participants from other countries.

The active and committed presence of these young promises, take the Fundación Alda’s name to a higher level, demonstrating the real potential of work with young people and giving them many more reasons to keep the youth flag flying in form of projects for development.

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