More health, better education #SafeReturn2021

More health, better education #SafeReturn2021

What is this about?

Not far from the capital of the country, many schools and families do not have enough resources to guarantee -once the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Education and Science determine it- a return to school with all the protection and safety measures in face of covid-19.

Without concrete actions, not only the health of girls, boys, adolescents, their families and the entire educational community but also the right to quality education would be at risk.

For our part, we have built hand wash stations in 11 schools in the city of Limpio, and delivered kits containing face masks, hand sanitizer and liquid soap to more than 2.800 students, teachers and administrators who attend these institutions, as part of the Limpio Sur Program, carried out in partnership with Children Believe.

But we don’t want to do only that (and here is where your help is essential).

We are working at other 23 schools of Villa Elisa, San Antonio, Ypané, Villeta, Guarambaré and Altos, where the Limpio Sur Program is not impletmented. And we are well aware that 3.900 children and teenagers who attend these schools will need to have some support for the safe return to classes.

Worrying helps a lot, but taking action helps a lot more.

Thanks to you, this campaign will allow us to reach girls, boys and teenagers of those 23 schools, to whom we want to deliver at least one reusable face mask, besides building hand wash stations and provide them with liquid soap for their schools.

  • One face mask per child or teenager
  • One hand wash station with liquid soap per school

That’s not a lot, isn’t it?

We agree. But if we think of it as actions which will favor their health, their families’ and communities’ and also, their education, the value of each action becomes superior.

How can you help?

  1. With a cash donation by bank deposit or tranfer. a través de un depósito o una transferencia bancaria.
    (Please send us the receipt via WhatsApp to +595 985 467 999, so that we can submit an invoice. In case you want to become a regular contributor, with the amount you choose, on a monthly, six-monthly or annual basis, you can fill in this form).

    Bank: BBVA Paraguay

    Current Account N°: 0701541059

    Account Holder: Fundación Alda Paraguay

    TIN: 80038078-9

    You don’t have a bank account nor are able to wire money, but you still want to contribute? Fill in this form, and we will contact you.

  2. “I don’t have money, but I like Fundación Alda and its actions”: Fill in this form to register as a possible volunteer, and we will be in touch.

  3. “I like the idea, but I don’t have money nor the chance to volunteer”. Got it, we have an option for you: a couple of clicks.

    Helping by just clicking? Yes!

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It is more than clear that all of us have something to give. We just need to choose to do it!

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