Community participation for the process of returning to school

Returning to a new school, a better school, is the shared dream in this pandemic which has challenged us, the ones who believe and trust education as the most powerful weapon to change the world. How to get back to school?, what to do?, how to take advantage of this crisis as an opportunity?, and above all, how to guarantee the goal of not leaving anyone behind?

With these questions in mind and the experience developed in a resilient and creative way in each of the educational communities, Fundación Alda embarked on a challenge, in May 2020, to carry out the Safe Return Pilot Plan.

After months of work and experience in the communities with the various socio-educational actors, both remotely and on-site complying with all the biosecurity protocols when the situation allowed it, the project has resulted in a methodological contribution, tested in each of the communities, for the participatory construction of the Safe Return plan of each school, within the framework of both national and international guidelines and recommendations, becoming a contribution of the foundation to public policies, from cooperation and complementarity, based on what was established by the Ministry of Education and Science.

This material seeks to make available to the public, and mainly to schools and educational communities, an instrument that will guide them in making of this crisis an opportunity to improve the quality of education, community participation and the well-being of people, with a focus on children and communities, starting with the conditions for safe operations that contemplate biosafety protocols.

The methodology presents comprehensivenes and flexibility which allows its applicability to the diverse socio-educational contexts of the country , both in urban schools and in those which are peri-urban, rural, indegenous and in other particular situations, such as hospital classrooms and education in contexts of confinement.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic and post-pandemic will keep us facing different challenges, which we are sure will be dealt and overcome in a collective way and from the communities, with cooperation, resilience and participation.

From Fundación Alda, with our 18 years of work and experience which endorse us, we will stand firm, accompanying and supporting this process, in each of the communities and the different spaces; it is our commitment, the #AldaCommitment.

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