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October 2020 Activity Newsletter

After seven months of remote follow-up, teachers and principals of three schools from Altos participated in a workshop on meaningful learning and processes of evaluation.

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September 2020 Activity Newsletter

September, youth month, brought with it the great challenge of holding the traditional Youth Forum, 6th edition, in spite of the conditions imposed by social distancing.

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August 2020 Activity Newsletter

This year, the psychopedagogist Ana Paulo joined the celebrations on occasion of Children's Day, contributing with her creations, in this case, the “Alma en Calma” bags.

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July 2020 Activity Newsletter

20 young people participating in projects by Fundación Alda, started a process of training on audiovisual tools with the support of Children Believe

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June 2020 Activity Newsletter

After 60 years of work in the world, and 25 in Paraguay, the Christian Children's Fund of Canada (CCFC) celebrated its anniversary revamping its image and becoming Children Be...

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Creativity and resistance of young people

"¡Epyta nderógape, ani haguã pe mbae vai oike nderehe ha nderogaiguare! ¡Eñangareko ndesyre, nde tuare, nde taitare ha nde jaryire!" "Stay at home not to g...

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Directors as leaders in times of COVID19

The director is the heart and engine of the educational institution. In vulnerable communities, they assume a key role as both a pedagogical and community leader, organizing a...

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Innovating in face of adversity: resilient teachers who...

There is a global consensus around that returning to schools can and must be better, taking the opportunities that the current crisis of the COVID19 opens up to us. With the s...

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Alda collaborates with I learn at home by UNICEF

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) , the Ministry of Childhood and Adolescence, the Multidisciplinary Organization of Su...

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Hands and voices that teach us to reinvent ourselves an...

These two months since the beginning of the quarantine in our country have been quite intense: every second was worth 10 and each experience was multiplied 1000 times. It's be...

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April 2020 Activity Newsletter

Years working with communities, teachers, children families and neighborhoods have strengthened the Alda Commitment and have encouraged us to introduce an initiative with the ...

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Bullying in times of social distancing

In Paraguay, in accordance with Law N° 4633 of the year 2012, bullying is defined as any form of physical, verbal, psychological or social violence among students, which is p...

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Health Emergency: Limpio Sur delivers food kits to fami...

With years of working together with communities, of knowing the reality from a much closer perspective, of establishing friendships and solid and lasting bonds with leaders, t...

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Communities who keep teaching us during the worst socia...

The social and health crisis generated by COVID-19 has awakened a community mobilization and a highly perceptible popular effort managed by the most vulnerable communities, to...

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How to accompany young people and adolescents to overco...

Generation Z - adolescents and young people of this time - have their own way of decoding reality. The latest events which have brutally hit the health systems around the worl...

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March 2020 Activity Newsletter

An overview of our activities in March

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February 2020 Activity Newsletter

An overview of our activities in February

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Exchange of working experiences in schools, Paraguay-Sp...

In February, principals of 3 schools which are part of the project "My school, my community, my life: protected and free from violence" participated, along with two ...

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Presentation of the progress of the Love of Reading Pro...

The project is carried out in the departments of Caazapá and Central. In the sixth departament, the project is implemented in the districts of Caazapá and San Juan Nepomuce...

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January 2020 Activity Newsletter

Love of Reading is the name of the project carried out by Unicef along with the Ministry of Education and Science and implemented by Fundación Alda. The aim is to promote re...

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December 2019 Activity Newsletter

An overview of our activities in December

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November 2019 Activity Newsletter

An overview of the activities in November

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October 2019 Activity Newsletter

An overview of the activities in October

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Awards of the short films made with smart phones contes...

On December 3rd, the award ceremony of short films made with smart phones contest took place.

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Raíces Real Estate visits Joven Adelante project

Members of the Joven Adelante project welcomed the retinue made up of Raíces Real Estate's management staff.

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#Opalaviolencia Campaign

Videos produced for the Opa la violencia campaign

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Raices Real Estate visits schools in Altos

Raíces Real Estate visits schools with comprehensive assistance in the district of Altos.

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Launch of the #Opalaviolencia campaign

Each act of mistreatment is a punch! That's the reason we all want to say #Opalaviolencia

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August 2019 Activity Newsletter

An overview of our activities in August

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Visit of #Faces2Hearts vloggers

Find out more details about the visit of Faces2Hearts vloggers to the communities.

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July 2019 Activity Newsletter

An overview of our activities in July.

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February 2019 Activity Newsletter

Keep reading and find out everthing we did in February!

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January 2019 Activity Newsletter

We begin a year full of activities and opportunities!

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December 2018 Activity Newsletter

We ended the year building classrooms, opportunities and dreams!

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November 2018 Activity Newsletter

Celebrations and gatherings with all our friends and collaborators around the foundation’s 15th anniversary

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InnovaEduca Awards

3rd edition of the call for the InnovaEduca Awards 2018.

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Visit of Friends of Alda to the communities of Limpio

Friends of Alda visited the communities of Limpio where the foundation promotes educational and community strengthening projects.

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Fundación Alda’s 15th Anniversary Dinner

On November 6, the 15th anniversary dinner of #FundaciónAlda was held at Talleyrand Costanera.

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October 2018 Activity Newsletter

October was a busy month! Find out about all the activities carried out by Fundación Alda.

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September 2018 Activity Newsletter

September is the spring and youth month! Find out how the young people of Fundación Alda celebrated it.

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Take a look at the 15 works of Art + Education for a Be...

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Fundación Alda, we brought together 15 renowned artists with 15...

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Art and Education for a Better World – 15 yea...

The "Art and Education for a Better World" initiative is our way of celebrating and sharing with everyone...

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August 2018 Activity Newsletter

August is, undoubtedly, a month dedicated especially to all children

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The best gift for our children is to guarantee their ri...

As Children’s Day is remembered in August in Paraguay, from Fundación Alda, we want to tell you about the Community Service Center, one of our programs that has as its main...

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July 2018 Activity Newsletter

The SuperCamp proposal offers topics and activities that help arouse curiosity and learn about values and themes that contribute to children’s personal development.

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June 2018 Alda Newsletter

The Transforming Communities project involves all the organized groups of Colonia Juan de Salazar of Limpio. Improving the infrastructure and equipping technological rooms in ...

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Vya’ape mitanguera okakuaa poravẽ (Happier ...

It is estimated that 152 million children (aged 5 to 17 years old) are subject to child labor in the world (ILO, Safe Day WDACL2018). These children are deprived of a quiet ch...

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May 2018 Alda Newsletter

This month we celebrate 15 years of uninterrupted commitment, which has steadily grown through the work, dreams and boldness of each collaborator who was and is part of Alda. ...

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A gathering in occasion of our 15 years

We can do many things, in many places, but we are aware that what remains, what is transmitted, what difference we make, are the reasons we do them. That motivation is what en...

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April 2018 Alda Newsletter

This year we celebrate 15 years of creating, accompanying and discovering together new paths that each day lead us to realize the dream of improving the quality of life of man...

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10th “Weaving Networks” Meeting

The 10th meeting Weaving Networks organized by Fundación ALDA was held at Prodepa (Eusebio Ayala Ave, km 4,5 of Asunción) on Friday, November 03, 2017, from 07.30 to 15.30 h...

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