Do you want to dedicate part of your time
to helping others and living a unique experience?
Join Fundación Alda's volunteer work

If you want to dedicate part of your time to collaborating in the activities that take place at the Barcelona headquarters or participating in the projects carried out in Paraguay, join us.

At Fundación Alda, we aim to incorporate volunteers as a fundamental component of our human capital team.

At the Barcelona headquarters: You can work in specific awareness and information activities, fund raising, administrative and communication work, etc.

At the headquarters in Paraguay: You can work in pedagogical counselling, education, social asistance, monitoring, office work, etc.

With the involvement of volunteers, we work in order to change the reality of many children in Paraguay.

To become a volunteer, you just have to fill in and send this form!

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We are members of:

Federació Catalana d'ong per al desenvolupament
Asociación Española de Fundaciones
Frente por la niñez