Puppets show to promote the rights of children
Puppets show to promote the rights of children

Puppets show to promote the rights of children

On May 24, 2019, within the framework of the project “My school, my community, my life: protected and free from violence” developed by Fundación Alda with the support of the European Union, a puppet show was held whose main theme was the promotion of the rights of children through short thought-provoking stories about them.

The activity was part of the celebrations of the “European Cultural Month”, which seeks to spread the values of the European Union and celebrate friendship with Paraguay.

The staging took place at the Basic School N° 863 Juan de Salazar in the city of Limpio and was in charge of the Kunu’u Theater Company. 300 children from 10 target schools of the city of Limpio participated. These schools are part of the project that seeks to prevent violence against school girls and women from the educational communities.

It was attended by His Excellency Mr. Bogdan Batic, Deputy Ambassador of the European Union in Paraguay and members of Fundación Alda‘s technical team. The delegation of the Ministry of Education and Science was composed of Ms. Griselda Dosantos, Director of the Orientation Area; Ms. Ceferina Aponte, representative of the General Directorate of Protection and Promotion of Rights of Children and Adolescents; Ms. Ruth Acosta, representative of the Development Department; local administrative and pedagogical supervisors and school directors.

Through this and other actions, Fundación Alda accompanies schools and communities in their development, working on the promotion of rights, the integral protection of childhood and the strengthening of respectful and supportive community relations.

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