June 2019 Activity Newsletter

June 2019 Activity Newsletter

An overview of our June activities

Joven Adelante Project

24 young people attending university of the Joven Adelante Project participated in a workshop whose purpose was the construction of their personal histories.
Each of the participants shared with their peers learnings and meaningful experiences as well as what they dream for the future.
These meetings, held monthly, aim to generate a space for training in relevant issues in their academic and job preparation, and thus facilitating the group integration.

Alda Educa Project

With the intention of improving the educational action and the institutional management, periodical meetings are held with the Educational Institutions Management Team (EIMT).
Principals, teachers, parents and students from the the target schools in the Central department meet every month in order to address issues referred to the educational community.
This is how we build a strong and empowered community committed to educational quality.

Solidarity Games

On Saturday, June 8th, at the Copaco Shelter – Fundación María Madre de los Pobres, we had the chance to share moments of games, laughter and hope with more than 1,300 children and adolescents.
The activity took place in occasion of the World Play Day organized by the Ministry of Childhood and Adolescence, with the collaboration of other institutions whose work focuses on childhood.

Community Service Center of Guarambaré

The“Cultural Academy ” was started with the intent of encouraging the interest and participation of children and adolescents through activities in various areas, developed by local leaders on a voluntary basis.
The first meeting was in charge of the Association of Physical Education Teachers of Guarambaré which provided a tolerant sporting event, in which children and teenagers understood the rules of sport and developed numeracy and measurement skills.

Limpio Sur Program

Lights, camera, action!
In Southern Limpio 25 young people develop their skills to tell stories through audiovisual materials created with their smartphones.
The short film workshop has as ultimate aim the protagonist participation of children and young people, being this activity a means for them to be part of the change in their communities.
The topics addressed are proposed by the participants; then each story will be analyzed from the different perspectives of each collaborator.
At the end of the cycle, there will be four short films which will be presented to the educational community by means of an exhibit with awards for the “Best Short Film” and “Award of the audience”.

We are members of:

Federació Catalana d'ong per al desenvolupament
Asociación Española de Fundaciones
Frente por la niñez