Visit of researchers from Lleida, Spain.

Visit of researchers from Lleida, Spain.

During the month of June, we received the visit of representatives of the Department of Social Innovation of the Universidad de Lleida (Spain), Ana Blasco and Carles Alsinet Mora. The aim was to learn about the way in which work is done at Fundación Alda, and together, think about opportunities of institutional cooperation.

They visited the ongoing projects by Fundación Alda in order to understand each of our lines of action and the work we have been carrying out for over 16 years.

They toured different communities of Villa Elisa, Limpio and Guarambaré where the projects “Alda Educa”, “My school, my community, my life: protected and free from violence”, “Community Service Center” and the Limpio Sur Program are implemented. In each visit, they had the chance to speak with community leaders and local referents. It was the children, young people, principals, teachers and families who shared with them how Fundación Alda carries out its mission and is part of their lives.

One of the most interesting moments of Ana and Carles’s trip was the meeting with educators from the main universities of our country, with whom they had a dialogue on the reality of tertiary education and dreamt together of strategies of collaboration with the Universidad de Lleida.

On their last day, our visitors shared their observations and impressions with the technical team and made available tools and resources developed by the Department of Social Innovation. These could be replicated successfully in our projects and also pose various interinstitutional work alternatives which could be highly enriching for the Universidad de Lleida, Alda and communities.

We are sure that Ana and Carles’s visit is just the beginning of a friendship and cooperation relationship which will be characterized by the commitment to the ones who need the most. Having met them and shared with them meant to reaffirm our #ALDAcommitment to education and future of the children and young people from Paraguay.

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