Friends of Alda – Volunteer work

Friends of Alda – Volunteer work

In Fundación Alda, we are convinced that individual actions have the power to transform our world into a place where everyone has the same opportunities, beyond the contexts in which they were born.
With this in mind, we created our volunteer program in which people, companies and various institutions, having good intentions and a spirit of solidarity, can channel their enthusiasm to collaborate with the construction of more and better opportunities for chidren and vulnerable communities.

Over these 16 years, we have received a great number of volunteers who have contributed with their knowledge, abilities and resources, thus developing concrete actions that have a positive impact on thousands of children, young people and entire communities.

As a way to inspire others to join the #Aldacommitment, we share some insights from our #FriendsofAlda: Blanca Robinat is a Spanish young woman who in 2018 was working at the CSC in Guarambaré. When asked what it meant for her to do the volunteer work, she replied “Fundación Alda is magic… it has brought so many things to my ilfe. After each activity, you realize that you receive much more in return than what you give”.

Blanca Pérez Ciruelo, also a Spanish woman, has been in Paraguay twice doing volunteer work at Fundación Alda. In her last visit, besides the field work, she identified the foundation’s needs for fundraising. Consequently, as her final Master’s project, she developed a complete Fundraising Plan exclusively for us and she conferred it to us to be implemented.
In her words, volunteering meant one of the best experiences in her life and said: ” While it is true that work at Alda is hard, there are also wonderful moments of smiles, play and innocence. To me, it has been one of the best experiences in my life”.

To Ana Blasco, a psychologist completing a doctoral degree at Universidad de Lleida, knowing how and for whom we work was a rewarding experience and at the same time it had contrasts: “The experience lived at Alda has meant a great infusion of vitality and reality. Alda allowed me to see the reality beyond what exists and to feel hope”.

Whereas Carles Alsinet, chaired and Ana’s professor, expressed: ” Alda has been more than a journey, it meant meeting people who have enthusiasm, hope, expectations, and commitment with others. The experience generates the need to share projects and the #Aldacommitment with a lot more people.

Vania Pinho, a Portuguese woman, expert in digital marketing and communication, provided her knowledge in the area of Communication. In addition, she visited the CSC in Guarambaré, where she held a workshop for children and young people about the use of information technology tools in order to learn English. At the end of her stay, she said: ” You are helped to live the most of the volunteering experience at Alda. I hope I can continue helping them”. .

Alda’s volunteer work changes the life of people, not only for the ones who are part of the communities where projects are implemented but also the people who come to do volunteering activities.

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