Project Bike Love and Fundación Alda transforming lives!

Project Bike Love and Fundación Alda transforming lives!

At the end of July, the communities of Limpio, in which the Limpio Sur Program is developed, welcomed the Project Bike Love and experienced a party on wheels.

Project Bike Love is an organization whose mission is to contribute to the empowerment and autonomy of vulnerable people and communities, donating bicycles as tools towards a better life.

By means of a partnership with Fundación Alda, 25 bicycles were donated. These are destined to have a positive impact on the lives of children, teenagers and adults of the city of Limpio.

For these people, shortening daily distances to go to their schools and workplaces, or to sell their products safely and autonomously, means shortening the distance that separates them from their dreams and from transforming their lives and those of their communities.

We want you to know the story of some of the people who are already changing their lives with each ride!

Fátima makes and sells delicious sweet snacks. She told us, very excited, that she will use her brand new bicycle to expand the daily route she does to sell her products. According to the 4 young adults that work at the Famliy Healthcare Unit of Limpio, the bicycles will be used to deliver medicine and vaccines to the families that live in the neighbouring areas and who are unable to go to the Healthcare Unit.

Luis, who is in the 4th grade of the Basic School Education, had to travel long distances to attend classes before. On very hot days, walking in the sun was a huge sacrifice that compromised his health. Now, with his bicycle, he arrives at school in much less time and full of energy to learn.

Thanks Project Bike Love for joining the #Aldacommitment and contributing to the transformation of communities that need the most!

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