September 2019 Activity Newsletter

September 2019 Activity Newsletter

An overview of our activities in September

Each act of mistreatment is a punch! That’s the reason we say together #Opalaviolencia – Put an end to violence

On September 25th we launched the campaign “Opa la violencia”, that seeks to condemn and eliminate violence towards girls and women.

We had the presence of His Excellency Paolo Berizzi, European Union Ambassador to Paraguay; Her Excellency Nilda Romero, Minister for Women; Her Excellency Teresa Martínez, Minister of Chilhood and Adolescence; and Mr. Alex Loza de Balanzó, Vicepresident of Fundación Alda as special guests. In addition, local authorities, civil society organization representatives and the press were present.

#Opalaviolencia – Put an end to violence is an initiative of Fundación Alda within the framework of the project “My school, my community, my life: protected and free form violence”, carried out with the support of the European Union in Paraguay and the endorsement of the Ministry of Childhood and Adolescence and the Ministry for Women.

We invite you to join the campaign so that the message transmitted gets to every corner of the country in a clear and powerful way: “If we see any act of violence, we must report it, because each act of mistreatment is a punch and each punch … may be the last one”.

Present! Youth participating in making changes

Young members of the foundation celebrated their da by holding the V Youth Forum with the slogan “Young people: protagonists and actors of their own reality”.

This year in particular, our young members were in charge of everything related to the preparation and implementation of the program of the meeting. The latter was hold for the fifth year in a space of integration and learning, which was very much expected by the young people who are part of the projects by Fundación Alda.

Among the activities that took place, we highlight the lecture by Mr. Eduardo Escobar, Internal Audit and Anti-corruption Director of the National Youth Secretariat; and the dissertation by Mr.Fernando Hamuy, representative of UNICEF Paraguay.

Enthusiasm, colors and smiles made the day an experience that had a very positive impact in their lives as students and referents of their communities.

Many thanks to the young people for facilitating a space of reflection and learning, Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) for supporting this activity, the speakers of the National Youth Secretariat and UNICEF, the Universidad Americana and all the people who made possible this unforgettable experience.

We promote safe and empowered communities

Fundación Alda promotes and supports the community cooperation to cope with adverse situations and provide efective responses.

In order to guarantee the accomplishment of the objectives proposed within the framework of the training workshops on Risk Reduction and Preparation for Disasters of the Limpio Sur Program, The Red Cross received a lot of materials and supplies.

By means of partnership with Fundación Alda, the Paraguayan Red Cross develops training workshops oriented to children of the Network of Schools and members of the communities who are part of the Limpio Sur Program.

Sharing good experiences

Within the framework of the “Workshop on Healthy Develpment in Environments Free from Violence”, Fundación Alda participated of the panel “Different types of early childhood” as an implementing partner of the campaign “ Toys for the whole life” by UNICEF. The activity took place in the premises of the Universidad Nacional de Itapúa.

In this opportunity, the matters discussed included issues related to development of the project implemented between 2018 and 2019, that aimed to raised awareness about the importance of early childhood stimulation and quality time shared with children aged 0 to 3 years old for the correct development of all of their abilities.

Health and Nutrition for children in Guarambaré

Children who attend activities in Community Service Center from Guarambarpe grow strong and develop their cognitive and physical capacities, receiving in quantity and quality, assisted by parents with training in healthy habits.

Every day, children have access to nutritious and balanced food. Fruit, vegetables, protein and carbohydrates in their right proportions are carefully selected and established on a weekly menu.

In addition, the nutritionist periodically monitors the healthy development of each child who attends the center by means of controlling weight and size, By doing so, it is possible to identifiy nutritional risks in children and to educate families in order to promote healthy nutritional habits.

These activities are possible thanks to the support of Fundación Mapfre, the Government of the Central Department , Sugar Factory La Felsina and the Program Abrazo by the Ministry of Childhood and Adolescence.

Alda Educa in Altos received a visit from the Management Team of Raíces Real Estate

With the aim of learning about the daily experiences in the schools and for the active memebers to share in a direct way their experiences, worries, challenges and achievements, the managment board of Raíces Real Estate visited the comprehensive care schools in the district of Altos.

The members of the Insitutional Management Team (IMT), as members of each eductional community were in charge of answering questions and receiving the visitors’ impressions.

At the end of the meeting, the managment board of Raíces Real Estate reaffirmed their social commitment with quality education, ensuring the continuity of the support to the communities in partnership with Fundación Alda.

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