Present! Youth participating in making changes

Present! Youth participating in making changes

On September 21st, our young member celebrated their day at the V Youth Forum with the slogan “Young people: protagonists and actors of their own reality” at the auditorium of the Universidad Americana.

Since the meaningful participation permeates all the actions undertaken by Fundación Alda, the young people were in charge of the organization and implementation of the program of the meeting. This meeting was held for the 5th year as a space of integration and learning, which was very much excpected by teenagers and young people that are part of our projects and programs.

The meeting began with special guests who presented a general overview of this stage. Eduardo Escobar, representative of the National Youth Secretariat invited young people not only to pursue dreams but goals and to do their best in order to achieve them. Fernando Hamuy, representative of UNICEF gave a dissertation about adolescence and youth as phases of opportunities.

At another time, Ana Lucía Ortiz, referent of Fundación Alda, developed the issue of identification and prevention of all forms of violence, in particular gender-based violence, with our young members.

At the end of each presentation, the speakers agreed to answer questions and concerns from the participants.

Through dissertations and artistic representations, young people who are in university and are part of projects by Fundación Alda, contributed to the knowledge and reflection by their peers in differents issues: students of administrative careers designed a collaborative game to teach about financial education and decision making, everything from the role and everyday life of a young person. On the other hand, Psychology students developed the topic ” dilemmas that young people face”, based on their own experiences and providing tools to deal with this process. Finally, students of careers related to health gave a practical demonstration on “risk management and first aid”.

Some time later, Alcides, representative of children and adolescents of the Limpio Sur Program, shared data from the survey carried out on children and adolescents’ perception of aspects related to participation and violence. This was done within the framework of the methodology “Friendly Accountability” (FA) of Childfund Alliance -represented in Paraguay by the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC), funder of the Limpio Sur program- which seeks to encourgae the exercise of their rights and the protagonic participation of children and adolescents.

The V Forum was also a space for the election of representatives and the conformation of the new Childhood and Youth Board of Participation in the city of Limpio, which is constituted by referents of the school delegates of the Network of Schools from Limpio, referents of the Joven Adelante project and representatives of the Lilac agents, an initiative of the project My school, my community, my life: protected and free from violence.

After registering the activity in a fun photo shoot, the day of the V Forum got to an end, generating excitement, commitment and enthusiasm in the young people who continue working to be the protagonists in the different spaces and contexts where they happen to participate.

Many thanks to our young members to facilitate a space for reflection and learning, to the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) for supporting this activity, to the speakers of the National Youth Secretariat the UNICEF, the Universidad Americana and all the people who made possible this unforgettable experience.

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