Visit from Human Rights Watch members

Visit from Human Rights Watch members

On October 18, Fundación Alda welcomed members of Human Rights Watch, a reknown non-governmental organization promoter and advocate of human rights and social justice throughout the world.

The retinue which was made up by the Director of the Americas Division Dr. José Miguel Vivanco, Kimberly Marteau Emerson and Siri Anne Stolt-Nielsen, had as its main goal to learn about the work Fundación Alda performs in order to contribute to the improvement of the educational quality and the promotion of the development in vulnerable communities.

To begin, the visitors were briefly informed about the priority lines of action explaining how the work carried out during these 16 years is framed in a comprehensive socio-educational model, which mainly focuses on the promotion of rights.

Afterwards, the visitors were taken to a community in the city of Limpio to share the Alda experience from the protagonists’perspective: the people who embrace and support the initiatives. Each referent took the floor to explain how activities are carried out and how the it has transformed the people and the community’s lives.

In both moments, the retinue showed interest to learn in depth about the national reality in everything related to the full exercise of the rights and justice, especially of vulnerable sectors such as childhood and women and girls.

To end the meeting, José Miguel Vivanco expressed: “I’m glad to have the opportunity to know about Fundación Alda’s work, which is quite exciting and impressive. Their work is committed to the education of vulnerable communities, addressing and confronting one of the most serious problems and the region’s Achilles heel; social inequality which is concretized in injustice and the lack of real opportunities”.

We are very thankful for the Human Rights Watch’s visit and their great interest in the work we have been developing in benefit of children and communities that need the most.

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