12° Edition of Weaving Socio-educational Networks

12° Edition of Weaving Socio-educational Networks

Weaving Socio-educational Networks is an annual meeting of schools which are beneficiaries of the projects and programs by Fundación Alda. It is held in order to exchange successful socio-educational practices that have contributed to the improvement of the educational quality and community development, to spread and promote them in other communities and fields.

Thus, on October 9th, thanks to the support by Raíces Real Estate and Grupo Barcelona, the 12th edition took place, which brought together educational communities from the Central and Cordillera deparments.

The Executive Director of Alda, Mrs. Lucía Paulo delivered welcoming remarks calling on educators to keep the hope and commitment that they have had throughout these years. “We are the ones who are responsible to give them better opportunities”, she pointed out.

As a representative of the }Ministry of Education and Science (MEC), Lic. Margarita Álvarez highlighted the importance to share with joy the positive results, fruit of the joint work that has been done by the foundation along with the Ministry for 16 years. Considering that educational transformation is only achieved by working in teams, she invited the participants to continue working with the same commitment of all these years.

The areas presented for the exchange of successful experiences were:

Management leadership, in which principals of the schools participating in the Alda Educa project and the Limpio Sur program highlighted the support of the facilitators in the strengthening of the management for the collaborative work , pedagogical advice, training workshops, their constant support, etc.

Teachers’ pedagogical experiences make reference to the good practices performed in their classrooms. The pedagogy of affection and its importance to foster and reinforce rules of coexistance in children, the open lessons with the involvement of families and the mathematical tales are some of the strategies that teachers successfully apply in their classrooms.

Moreover, School and community places emphasis on the importance of the participation of families and other community members to assist the initiatives in the schools. Families’ representatives made their contribution, sharing activities upon the commitment to their children’s education and the promotion of the Rights of Children and Adolescents.

The meeting ended with the presentation and award ceremony of the good socio-educational practices of the winning schools of the “InnovaEduca Awards” in the areas of Management Leadership, Classroom Practices, School and Community and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Being recognized for the work they daily perform in the educational communities and the continuous search to improve their practices, certainly moved the attendees and filled them with optimism.

Many thanks to everyone for participating and believing that quality education for Paraguayan children is possible!

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