InnovaEduca Awards 2019

InnovaEduca Awards 2019

InnovaEduca is an initiative by Fundación Alda which seeks to promote and spread good practices generating innovative changes in educational communities, oriented to achieve quality education for children and young people.

In this edition, the event was open to all the public management schools of the Ministry of Education and Science to apply in the following areas:

  • Management Leadership
  • Classroom Practices
  • School and Communities
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The evaluation of the applications in the above mentioned areas was in charge of the National Selection Committee made up by 4 national referents in educational matters: Mrs. Ana Acosta from the Ministry of Education and Sciece (MEC), Mrs. Ruth Osorio from the Organization of Ibero-American States (OSI), Dr. Dominique Demelenne, and Mg. Rodolfo Elías; who designated the winning projects after a careful analysis.

The award ceremony was held within the framework of the meeting Weaving Socio-educational Networks on October 9th. The winners of the InnovaEduca Awards are:

  • Basic School N° 7.591 Pabla Ferreira, Management Leadership area, with the experience “Management and improvement in learning”.
  • Basic School N° 721 Alejo García, Classroom Practices area, with the experience “Learning by reading”.
  • Basic School N° 5.633 Santa Rosa, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) area, with the experience “Use of the ICT in the learning process”.
  • Basic School N° 5.998 Don Antonio Fanego, School and Community area, with the experience “Schools as places for meetings”.

Many thanks to BBVA Paraguay and A Fuego Lento who again made possible this meaningful recognition to support this initiative and promote quality education; and the schools who had applied, for the effort and commitment to Paraguayan children.

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