With your likes, you can be a judge of the Short Films Made with Smart Phones Contest

With your likes, you can be a judge of the Short Films Made with Smart Phones Contest

Within the framework of the project “Present! Childhood and Youth Participating in the Change”, initiative of Fundación Alda with the support of the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC), young people from the city of Limpio, participate of a workshop about producing short films with smart phones.

Since April of this year, 25 teens who are in high schools of Limpio have been developing their capacities of reflection, expression and participation as protagonists of social change, through the workshop of short films made with phones.

The workshop was implemented in weekly meetings during which the teenagers developed knowledge and techniques that were later reflected in the creation of audiovisual materials using smart phones. These are of varied content proposed from the interest and teenagers’ viewpoint .

Teens were divided in 3 groups to produce the following short films :

  • Menos tech más fut.
  • Topa ky´a.
  • Buscando un cambio.

Now that the workshop has successfully ended, theses talented producers are very excited for the opportunity to present their short films to all the community, by means of an exhibit. During this exhibit, awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Best Short Film (Award from the Judges).
  • Best Direction (Award from the Judges).
  • Best Photography (Award from the Judges).
  • Best Acting (Award from the Judges).
  • Best Script (Award from the Judges).
  • Audience Award.

For this last category, the general public is invited to participate in the vote that will allow us to define the winner, following this link : https://bit.ly/2O8jkvd

Votes will be received until 23:59 December 2nd.

For more information contact: comunicacion@fundaciónalda.org +595 21 21 04 98

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