Raíces Real Estate visits Joven Adelante project

Raíces Real Estate visits Joven Adelante project

With great enthusiasm, members of the project Joven Adelante welcomed the retinue made up of Raíces Real Estate‘s management staff. The meeting took place on November 28th at the Basic School N° 5633 Santa Rosa ofLimpio.

The visitors attended pedagogical sessions which young people from high school and university usually have as observers. Once the sessions ended, each participant gave a testimony on the implication the foundation has in their lives. It was a very meaningful moment where experiences, reached goals and future projects were shared.

In an instance of evaluation, the Raíces Real Estate’s retinue expressed that visiting the project impressed them in a positive way since the work carried out by Joven Adelante changes each participants’ lives and gives them the chance of developing, growing and fulfilling their dreams. Finally, before the visit ended, the Raíces Real Estate’s executive team encouraged the young participants to keep on working with their projects, to study and to make the most of the opportunities offered by Fundación Alda.

Thank you very much Raíces Real Estate for your visit and for joining the #Aldacommitment once again.

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