December 2019 Activity Newsletter

December 2019 Activity Newsletter

An overview of our activities in December

Launch of Present! Childhood and Youth participating in the change

On December 3rd we celebrated with great joy the launch of the website “Present! Childhood and Youth participating in the change”, an initiative by Fundación Alda with the support of the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada.

This comprises good practices of children and teenagers’ participation, tools and resourcers to promote it in different contexts as well as short films which the teens have made to express their ideas.

The moment to accompany them in the process of their critical thinking formation, the development of their expression capacity and the proactive approach of the different issues affecting them or their environment is now. That’s the reason children, teenagers and youth say they are Present!

Awards of the short films made with smart phones contest

The award ceremony of short films made with smart phones contest took place. These films were made by young peole from Limpio, who participated of a workshop held by Sofía Paoli Thorné within the framework of the Limpio Sur program.

It was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Childhood and Adolescence, Ministry of Education and Science, Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC), UNICEF and Grupo Barcelona.

A prestigious jury made up of recognized cinematography, communication and television professionals, revealed the winners of each category:

  • Best short film: “Buscando un cambio” (Looking for a change).
  • Best script : “Buscando un cambio” (Looking for a change).
  • Best Direction: Guido Sebastián Cáceres for “Menos tech más fut”. (Less technology, more soccer)
  • Best Photography: Guido Sebastián Cáceres for “Menos tech más fut”.
  • Best Acting: Celina Farias Cáceres for “Topa ky’a”.
  • The verdict of the public, who had the chance to vote and choose the winning short film in the category “Audience Award”, appointed “Topa ky’a” .

We thank to all the organizations that supported us and made the successful completion of this process possible.

Expo Salud in communities of southern Limpio.

We support community empowerment from our commitment to a healthy and protected childhood in Limpio Sur.

Expo Salud (Health Expo) is an initiative by Fundación Alda which aims to prevent malnutrition and register risk factors in children aged between 0 to 5 years old.

The activity is held monthly within the framework of the Early Childhood Development Program carried out through Family Healthcare Units (FHU), with the support of the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC).

Donation of bicycles in communities of Altos

For the second time, Project Bike Love joins Fundación Alda in order to promote community development considering childhood as the core of our work .

This organization, with a strong sense of community, has as its mission to contribute to the empowerment of people and vulnerable communities, providing them with bicycles as a means to reach their autonomy.

In this opportunity, they visited communities in Altos which are part of the Alda Educa project in order to learn about the children’s experience who have to walk long distances to attend school daily. As a way to support their desire improve their lives, they donated 45 bicycles and helmets thus providing them with a safe and efficient means of transport.

This very touching event end with an artistic moment through which all the school community could expressed their happiness and gratitude.

Joven Adelante Project- First Higher Education Graduate

The first days of December, after 8 years of being member of Joven Adelante, Johana obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, becoming the first participant of the project to finish a Higher Education career.

She is a clear example of perseverance. Watching her fulfill her dream moves us and strengthens our commitment to children and youth of our country.

We are members of:

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