January 2020 Activity Newsletter

January 2020 Activity Newsletter

An overview of the activities carried out in January

Love of Reading Project

Love of Reading is the name of the project carried out by Unicef along with the Ministry of Education and Science and implemented by Fundación Alda. The aim is to promote reading in children aged 0 to 5 years old and thus contribute to the achievement of learning with cultural belonging. Also, it aims at promoting reading in children and adults reading to them, encouraging them to elaborate accesible teaching materials creating an environment which generates the necessary stimuli for children to find in reading a habit, even in their adult life, which allows them to access knowledge and accompanies them along their training as a natural incorporated tool enabling more learning. The project works on training key groups: parents, principals and volunteers, who can incorporate concepts and methodologies to interest children and stimulate reading from a very young age. The main space where the project takes place is “Storytelling”, where children have contact with the writing universe in their very first years of age and understand, through stories, that there is a wonderful world that is open to them and which can be discovered through letters. Love of Reading is a project designed to work in the Central department and the department of Caazapá. This month, it offered training and formation sessions in Limpio, Fernando de la Mora, Villa Elisa; as well as in the district of San Juan Nepomuceno and the capital of the sixth department, Caazapá.

2020 Summer camp in communities of Limpio

Holidays without boredom In January, our summer camp centered its work with the slogan “Spaces for learning and growing”. Carried out in different communities of the area of Salado and Colonia Salazar of the district of Limpio, this activity has created spaces for leaning and games, promoting creativity and teamwork. – Regarding sports, the work was based on soccer, volleyball and handball, promoting fair play, healthy recreation and mingling. All of this was done with the objective of achieving the interaction of children with their peers within the community. – Handicrafts and art activities were developed through painting, handmade soap production and tasks related to hygiene, experimenting painting techniques, shapes and colors. The handmade products will be part of a gift kit for members of the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, CCFA. With the support of neighbors’ associations, these activities took place from January 20 to February 12, 2020 in eight communities of the district.

Savings groups were created in communities of Limpio

Since the beginning of the creation of the Savings groups, they have aimed at the improvement of the families’ life quality, increasing the alternatives to generate sources through shared values such as reliability and solidarity among the members of each group. The format of these groups is similar to the one of a mutual association but with a fewer quantity of members. Up to date, 5 Savings groups have been made up in the district of Limpio. All of them are accompanied by the institution for 9 months so that later they can graduate and continue the initiative on their own, enabling new groups. The first 4 groups have already graduated in this modality of community accompaniment. Each group is composed mostly of women, almost all of whom are heads of household. A total of 32 women and 8 men have participated. Most of the members asked for loans to invest in their businesses and in other cases to make improvements in housing. With the initiative of the Savings groups , Alda encourages the strengthening of the financial capacities of the families in the communities where it carries out projects and to that end. It has the support of the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, CCFA. In this way, these families have the opportunity to invest, have access to more stable income and find alternatives for their sustainability creating economic independence conditions and also finding new paths of personal growth.

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