March 2019 Activity Newsletter

March 2019 Activity Newsletter

An overview of everything we did in March!

Inauguration of the Adolescent Home of the General Hospital of San Lorenzo

On Friday, March 8, the Adolescent Home of the General Hospital of San Lorenzo was inaugurated. This project is implemented by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare and Fundación Alda with funding from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).
It was attended by the Minister of Health, Dr. Julio Mazzoleni, the AECID General Coordinator, Mr. Fernando Rey and the Vice President of Fundación Alda, Mr. Alejandro Loza.
The project aims at improving the adolescents’ accessibility to health services and thus to receive a differentiated, friendly and comprehensive care with appropriate and accurate counseling.

International Women’s Day Commemoration

On March 8, the “Training meeting in commemoration of the International Women’s Day” was held in the Universidad Americana auditorium within the framework of the project “My school, my community, my life: protected and free from violence”..
The conferences and workshops held were in charge of the following members of the project’s “Multi-actor Team”:
Dr. Jordi Longás, Fundación Alda Advisor since 2005.
Mg. Cristina Almeda Ramírez, Coordinator of the NGO InteRed in the Andalusian delegation.
Lic. Clara de Iturbe, Assistant Researcher at Decidamos.

The project “My school, my community, my life: protected and free from violence” is implemented by Fundación Alda with the support of the European Union in Paraguay.

Inauguration of three classrooms built as part of the project “Transforming Communities”

On March 27, three classrooms built under the project “Transforming Communities” with funding of the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) were inaugurated in the Basic School N° 7358 Mr. Héctor Roque Duarte of Limpio.
It was attended by Mr. Jorge Méndez, Country Director of the CCFC; Mr. Alejandro Loza, Vice president of Fundación Alda; Ms. Lucía Paulo, Director of the foundation; representatives of SCA, Network of Schools, EGIE and pedagogical and administrative supervisors of Limpio.
To see video of the process, click here:

Joven Adelante Project

As a way to start the 2019 school year, in March, the first informative meetings were held with the families of university and secondary school students.
On these grounds, the necessary materials for the year development were delivered, and the families and representatives of Fundación Alda signed a “Commitment Agreement”. This agreement aims to formalize the commitment to the future of young people and their education, by their families and themselves.
In addition, the young people had the opportunity to meet with the President of the foundation, Mr. Jordi Robinat and the Vice president, Mr. Alejandro Loza. In this meeting, university and secondary school students shared their academic experiences and the projections they have for the future.

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